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12 March 2009

Hospital Information System

HIS'S software product has feature as follows:

Open System

System is built up by use of software opensource already evident has performance that good.

· Operating System: Linux or Windows 2000

· Server database: PostgreSQL

· Server webbed: Apache

· Language's programming: PHP

User friendly

Appearance and operation way system can be adjusted by user's wont at their a part, proveded with Online Help , User is Manual as book of user's guidance to run system.

Based's Webbed internet, Client is server

System can easily be carried on on thin client since utilizes technology based is webbed . Client just needs browser's web program to access system.

Data and Data Information

Integrated data and gets to be featured by graphics ala to make easy deep data analysis.

Data Basis security

Can utilize tasks appropriate access right managed by administrator system.

Product module

Module already being had by HIS'S softwares its specification followings is as follows:

Billing /'s module Cashier

This module notes all transactions that gets bearing with integrated bill with all another module. Bill that at input at all unit then is gathered and at o as data billing statement / invoice per meaty patient details of facility and all cost which utilized by patient up to at hospital and paying receipt printing.

This module also ranges:

· Patient bill that stills to be nursed

· Write-up incoming money summary per diem

· Write-up patient bill that hasn't been disbursed

· Write-up paying patient, detail and summary

Billing Statement's Input example Patient

Patient Registration module

This module functioning to process new patient registration, sought after long time patient data, admisi goes to poli to outpatient or admisi goes to room / bed for patient to nurse lodges. Every time and up to patient given by action, data records medical automatic will be kept.

  • Registration and Admisi Is Outpatient
  • Registration and Admisi Is Patient Nurses To Lodge
  • Registration and Admisi Is UGD'S Patient
  • Registration and Admisi Is Medical Supporter Patient
  • The insurer Patient Cost (pay alone, Askes / Askeskin, Insurance, etc.)
  • Doctor elect that nurses
  • Patient information
  • bed's management (entering patient, migrant, sticking out)

Registration input and Admisi Is Patient

Module Records Medik

Module to note all health data, action, and doctor, scripted medical, operate for, lab is yielding, etcetera, already been done to patient up to is nursed at hospital.

· Codification was diagnosed By Disease ICD 10

· Write-up Resume Records Medical

· Printing Records Medical

· Write-up Statistical Medical Recording

· Standarisasi Depkes Is write-up

· Write-up Other one gets bearing by Record Medical

· Write-up Quality Indicator

Input Records Patient Medical

Nursed module Lodges

This module gets bearing with:

· Arrangement foots up to braze, room, and bed

· Aught facility information on each room

· Dwelling state each bed

· Statistical room dwelling

Patient move facility that auto being abreasted with by changing care price accords at the price class which be utilized present.

Action Data input Patient Nurses To Lodge

Modul Rawat Jalan

Modul ini terdiri dari Rawat Jalan Umum dan Rawat Jalan Psikiatri, yang menangani:

  • Data Poliklinik
  • Daftar antrian pasien yang sudah diregistrasi dan admisi ke setiap poliklinik
  • Penanganan data tindakan medis yang diambil pada poliklinik yang otomatis menimbulkan billing pada tagihan pasien
  • Pencatatan hasil diagnosa dokter
  • Pengiriman data pemeriksaan ke unit penunjang

Outpatient registration

Pharmaceutical module and Pharmacy

· Salving formulation (name, generik's name, indication, indication con, sideways effect, composition, and therapy faction)

· Standarisasi is Doctor

· Ministering Pharmaceutical

· Write-up Stok doctor

· Buy transactions, utilizing Barcode's assistive tool to hasten service

· Write-up sell and Pharmacy production

Laboratory module

· Patient registration and needful check type

· Orders seeking list probing, with number key word Records Medical, order no, or patient name

· Probing yielding printing

· Statistical foots up check about specimen check group (hematology, chemical, urine, and feses) per perioda one particular. Agglomerated probing patient (I. class, II., Iii. or nursed road)

· Write-up Laboratory production

· Write-up in out goods

Input Data Pemeriksaan Laboratorium

Radiology's module and Elektromedik

· Register probing order, with number key word Records Medical, order no, or patient name

· Probing yielding printing

Statistical foots up check about item check. Agglomerated probing patient (I. class, II., Iii. or nursed road).

Radiology's Data input

Nutrient module

· Patient consultation arrangement nurses to lodge to nutritionist

· Alimentary menu arrangement patient nurses to lodge

· Arrangement foots up food portion

UGD'S module

This module functioning for registration and admisi is emergencies dangerous patient.

· Registration and Admisi Is UGD'S patient

· UGD'S patient list

· Data stuffing Records Medical

Form is check goes to supporter unit

UGD'S Patient registration

Module Rehabilitates

· Probing / therapy's reference rehabilitates to lodge nursed patient and road nurse

· Action price pixing and medium purpose rehabilitates per class, one that integrated with billing's module

Common module and outfit (Barn)

· Goods Buy registry

· Goods procurement application

· PO's makings

· Accepting invoice and goods

· Reportings

· Stok Inventory

Goods Buy input

Prasarana's Installation module and Hospital Medium

· Noting inventories pervading datas hospitals on each unit, care spatial, and institution concerning outdoor hospital

· allocation and relokasi inventaris

· periodic ala goods calibration

· write-up goods which shall have be fixed

· goods ordering goes to barn

Write-up Depresiasi Inventory

Clerk module

Noting exhaustive fledged data clerk at environmentally hospital, as:

· Clerk data

· Responsible position historical

· Faction historical

· Infomasi is periodic preferment

· Emeritus information

· Periodic salary increase t raining information and course that ever been been abreasted with.

Clerk Data input

Institution Data input

Input Data Pelatihan dan Penghargaan

Financial module

This module is beneficent to note all evoked finance transactions effect all happening activity on another modules.

Of this module will result applicable final financial statements for morphological hospital financial condition by management party.

· akun / chart of account's code arrangement

· General Ledger

· Balance

· Journal data

· Financial position write-up

· Cash flow write-up

· Financial ratio analysis

· Write-up Debt and Credit

Account Receivable's input


Module to result statistics's reportings, day to day, monthly, graph, etc..

· Write-up hospitals ministering activity per diem / moon / quarter / year

· Nursed daily report lodges

· Ways nursed daily report

· Visit data summary poliklinik per doctor

· Monthly report lodge nurse

· Monthly report road nurse

· Compares daily summary professional performance data

· Statistical level morbiditas patient

· Visits level graph poliklinik

· Visit compare graph each poliklinik

· SDM'S information

Financial information


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